For the Love of Dogs

I’m just a small cog…..

We all have our causes & we all contribute in a way that suits us.  For my family, we chose dog rescue.  We have been a foster family for Tri State Basset Hound Rescue for 3 ½ years now.  We are just one small part of the rescue effort but it’s a part that we are glad to play.

Our very first foster, Tommy Bagel – June 2013

The thing I hear most when people find out that we foster is, “I could never do that, I’d get too attached.”  At first it kind of made me feel bad when they said that because I wondered, what the heck is wrong with me? am I missing a chip or something? …because the thing is,  I don’t get sad when our dogs get adopted.

I had to stop those nonsense thoughts & give ourselves some credit, my family & I love these fosters so much.

Ernie ❤ – October 2013

I know why we don’t get sad.  We don’t get sad because our adoption coordinators do such a good job matching our dogs with the right family.  The dogs are going to a family that is “right” for them & who wants them.  I get to talk to the potential adopters ahead of time on the phone.  We get to meet them here in our home for the adoption.

We have met so many wonderful people who are so happy to be adopting.  We of course are happy that our foster dog will have a forever home with people who are going to love them.  How can you be sad about that?  Many of the adopters keep in touch with us & send us pictures, which we love.  I’d even go so far as to say some have become our friends.  Our foster dogs will always have a special place in our hearts & as an extension their new family does too.

Charlie meeting his new mom, Terri, & her dog, Daisy (also a Tri State rescue.) – March 2015 Terri sends me photos of Charlie & Daisy all the time, she’s awesome 

If you have ever thought that you would like to foster dogs please don’t let the fear of “being too sad” stop you.  Find a rescue that you’d like to work with.  Call them & find out more.  Our rescue is wonderful because of all the support we get from the other volunteers we work with….they are good at what they do!  As I mentioned before our adoption coordinators do a great job screening the applicants.  They listen to our assessment of the dog & do their best to make a good match.  Our foster coordinator is a compassionate, knowledgeable person who is always there if we have questions, need advice etc.  In the unlikely event that we needed to stop fostering a dog for any reason, she would make arrangements immediately to find a new place for the dog.

Violet – February 2014

If you are wondering what fostering entails, it depends.  Sometimes it’s not much, most dogs just need some love & a place to sleep.  Some dogs require some training, either house training or just with manners.  Our foster coordinator knows us & knows our skill level so it is never something we can’t handle.  Other things we do as a foster family is pick up the dog, it’s usually not too far from home.  Sometimes the dog will need a bath upon arrival.  We usually take the dog to our vet for an examination.  After that it’s mostly just regular pet care.  We all help out, there’s lots of snuggles & play time & walks to be given.

My family with our dog Wilbur & fosters, Ernie & Snickers – downtown Bethlehem Blessing of the Animals – October 2013

Our dogs, I have to say are pretty awesome with all of this too.  They accept these new dogs right in.  They sleep with them & play with them.

Rita, Wilbur & foster, Autumn – December 2013

While I am at it, I have to give a shout out to our veterinary hospital too.  We couldn’t do this without their help either.  Everyone there is so kind & helpful, answering any questions we might need answered.

Quinn at the vet’s office – April 2015

I feel very fortunate that we get to care for all these dogs.  I’m one of those people that would love to have a farm & rescue them all!  Since that isn’t a possibility…yet, we will keep on fostering.  We love doing it & we enjoy sharing our experiences with it.  We hope it might inspire others to give it a try too.  You can follow along on Instagram, Facebook or Flickr.  We have so many great memories of our fosters & look forward to many more!

Sadie & the girls – July 2014

PS- If fostering isn’t for you, but you still want to help with the rescue effort, there are so many ways to help.  For rescues like Tri State, where we don’t have a building, you can help transport dogs, fundraise for the rescue, help with mailings, donate supplies, become an application screener, coordinate transports & more.  For rescues that have a kennel, you can walk dogs, clean dog runs, do laundry, help with building upkeep, etc.  There’s many options.  Find your “thing”, be that cog….help out for the love of dogs.

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A Year of Fostering


This month marks a year that we have been fostering for Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue. A year full of puppy love, snuggles, some puddles & new friends. So glad that my family enjoys this as much as I do.



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they do love each other.

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Hit & Run



Foster dog, Bunny sleeps in the strangest positions.

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Meet Autumn, our new foster dog.  She’s a tiny little cuddle bug.  She looks mostly “bassett-y” but her coloring on her head sure looks a lot like a dachshund.  Whatever she is, she’s a total sweetheart.

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